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What’s new in the AGL App – December 2018

Heading into 2019, our priority is the same as it’s always been: To make managing your utilities as comfortable and carefree as possible. Throughout our pilot and major release we’ve had some great feedback. We’ve been listening and have been able to quickly give you some of what you've been asking for. Delivered kWh switcher If you’re using a smart meter, you can view your usage by kWh or by cost. Whether you’re looking to use less power or you just like to stay informed, access the info y ...
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Re: New app dissapointing - Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Seadog, @Ddvs, thanks for this feedback and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. @Seadog our dev team are currently building the hourly usage into the app so you can expect this soon. You mentioned above that you are using it to monitor excessive usage. Can I ask what the reaction is to excessive usage? I ask because maybe we could introduce other functionality which may be able to more easily assist you. @Ddvs rewards is on our backlog. What ideally would you be looking throu ...
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Re: I have not been able to access your app for months. Hugely inconvenient and frustrating - Status changed to: Needs More Info

Hi Paige, thanks for your feedback. Are you seeing an error page with a rainy cloud or is the page blank when you login? Any screenshots you can share will help our investigations.
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