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Solar command check not updated since 5 Dec

Normally my solar command check status is updated every day or so but since 5 Dec I note that is has not ben updated even though usage data shows that I am exporting to the grid and have been since that date. I have checked again this morning and the status is still in error but the exporting to grid is still occurrig. Can someone please advise why the status is not being updated ?
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Re: Solar command check not updated since 5 Dec

Samjy, The error text in question was as per the below, except now I note that it is working and displaying today's date - before it had been always displaying the 5th of December. I did clear the cache manually as per your advice, but when I reviewed those settings, Firefox should have been doing it automatically - so not sure what was going on there, but as you can see below, things look good now. So happy to close this issue. Your system is producing solar energy.Updated 29 Dec 2017 usin ...
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Ridiculously large usage numbers in on-line system

I've just been into on-line system and looked at usage and I see some ridiculously incorrect figures. Usage numbers like 84kWh in one day ? My typical usage is 8 to 10 per day. The solar data is just as ridiculous - 33kWh export from a 1.7kW system ? What sort of moron has created this sort of data and problem ? Do your developers have the faintest clue as to what they are doing ? If this data is what will be reflected in my bill (due in two days) then I will sue AGL and take them to the A ...
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Electricity and Solar usage data screen one week out of date

I have a smart meter and a solar system and when I go into usage the data that I see is currently one week old. Given that the meter uploads data many times per day, why is the usage data so far out of date to be almost useless ? I have deleted all cookies and cleaned my caches etc and the problem still occurs. Also when will the developers finish the work so that the usage screen is not the old one that indicates that the developers are working hard on the new system ? It has been a long lo ...
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