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Re: Bill Smoothing Accounts - Credits and Payment Intervals

Hi @Dan Thanks for your query. In order to enter a Bill Smoothing agreement, you must agree to pay a certain amount each weel/fortnight/month. The way it is calculated is based on your existing consumption history to forecast your annual consumption costs and divide this by the frequency of payments you choose, be that monthly, fortnightly or weekly. If you're new to AGL and don’t have much consumption history, we’ll estimate your annual consumption based on similar customers. What I would ...
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NathanB AGL Moderator

Re: Web chat

Hey @EM We certainly do have a web chat option available right here. Let us know if you have any further issues!
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NathanB AGL Moderator

Re: Incorrect reading on my gas bill

Hi @Emanuele I have responded to your message and as advised am investigating this for you. We will have a resolution for you very soon.
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NathanB AGL Moderator

Re: Estimated meter reading

Hi @Andrew Rob provides some very good information above and is correct, it sounds like your building manager may have the electrict smart meter and gas meter confused here. The gas meter will still need to be read manually, however, on the chance you are on monthly billing currently, we'd absolutely recommend reading the following article to submit your own reads - here. If not, please send us a private message, as we may be able to assist further.
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