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During which hours is the 'Controlled Load' switched on?

I have a smart meter. Are the times when 'Controlled Load' is active determined by a setting in the meter? How can I check?
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Download usage data problem

Has anyone tried to downloading usage data? All I got was a mess that does not make sense. BTW, I tried to attach a screenshot using "Insert Image" button but despite proving a local file URL (i.e. "https://file///E:\_Clipboard\AGL_Download" ) the image box remains empty. Screenshots make communication sooo much easier - please advise/provide this option.
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VIRUS in AGL email alert!

I received an email today from "AGL Electricity" with the subject "Account Overview" (screenshot attached). It looked sophisticated and despite my usually suspicious mind I clicked on the "View Information" button. I was then offered to download "my bill" which was in an attachment containing a .ZIP file containing a file with the extension .JS - not a .PDF file as expected. My virus checker then had already flagged this file as containing a virus (screenshot attached)
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AGL mobile app - when will dailly electricity monitoring be available in SA?

I have just received my new digital meter with remote monitroring. I installed the AGL mobile app and was disapointed that I could not see my current (daily) meter readings!
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