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How often is AGL IQ updated from the digital meter ?
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Re: Is my health care card concession on top of the discounts I've already got for gas and electrici

Hang on, how did you manage the 33% discount on electricity ? That rocks 
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Regular plan switching

Is there any reason i cant change plans each week/month ? when the sun is out, i am better off on the silar saver plan - 20c FIT If the weather forecast for the next week is overcast and rain, i am better off on the 28% discount
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Re: Usage data not working since last week

Mine is the same - no data since Friday 13/10 - why is not instant ? Why do we have to wait 2-3 days ? Is the AGL IQ service any better ? The data on the app seems ot be out by one hour compared to the data online ? Why does the data appear on the App, but not on the web ? Why is it estimated data ?
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