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Re: Smelly Gas

Hi Jaden, It is not a gas leak. When the appliance is turned off there is no smell. This is a Rinnai portable space heater and there is always a small slight smell from the gas burning, but this is ridiculous and smells like kerosene or something as the heater is burning the gas. Ron
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Smelly Gas Heater, kerosene smell

Hi, has anyone else suffered from smelly gas over the last week? We had guests staying with us last weekend and the gas heater had smelly gas fumes coming out (not like normal) from Friday night, and we had to turn the heater off as we were feeling sick from the fumes and had headaches as a result. Can you imagine how we felt having guests feeling cold in the middle of the coldest weekend this winter?I think this is probably the gas company using cheap gas mixed into the normal high-quality gas ...
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