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Re: Battery fan on a hot day

Ours seems to kick in above 30deg. Has done so a few times this week. A quick search of the manual found this. "Your SIS unit is equipped to withstand a wide range of climate conditions. A combination of built-in fans and/or heaters keeps the battery and other cabinet components within optimal operating temperatures. The SIS unit will automatically turn on cooling and/or heating as needed. You may hear an audible hum, particularly on colder or warmer days. This sound indicates the unit is worki ...
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Woodunn Superconductor

Solar command "total consupmtion"

Does the "Total consumption" in Solar Command include off peak/J tarrif draw of my hot water service?
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Solar command slow/unresponsive

Any AGL solar customers having issues with their Solar Command website?I am getting very slow response to logins even hanging.I have cleared cache and tried it on several computers but still cannot get a decent response. This has been going on over the easter break.
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Re: Solar command slow/unresponsive

I have been advised a couple of weeks ago by AGL that they are aware of the slowness. Over that last few days I cannot even get a connection as the logon screen times out.Can I check that others are experiencing similar issues?
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