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Re: How can we know if the solar panels are working and how much they contribute to saving electrici

@Joe252l,New inverters seem to run seamlessly and will auto restart once power is replied.Older inverters often have to be manually restarted. INTRODUCTIONLets see what we can do about explaining how your solar system works. When the sun illuminates the solar panels they start converting solar into Direct Current.The panels are generally connected in SERIES which mean that the voltage output is multiplied by the number of panels but the current is limited to the maximum output of one panel.(For ...
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Re: Bill to High

Hi not an employee of the company.Looks like you have a three phase supply (very much imbalanced).Look at getting it all put on one phase or getting it balanced.
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Re: Hot water gas meter is running fast

No such thing as a hot water gas meter.Gas meters are rated on your gas usage.If you have gas heating, gas stove etc this is usage.I suppose by know you have realised this.
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Re: How do i read my bill please

Laza,On your bill you have one or two or three (maybe more) items on your bill.the item that states "Feed-in Tariff" is the income from your solar panels.
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