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2 weeks ago

Re: Discrepancy between solar inverter power generation and the AGL app

Hey MrWill, Who installed your Meter can you contact them, the guy that put my meter in gave me his contact details. I would agree with you that the meter has been wired up incorrectly, can you see on the meter what the numbers of the meters are and compare what the numbers are with your meter specifications from your supplier (your supplier is not the retailer AGL).The information is normally available on your suppliers website as to what numbers appear under the meter readings. In SA the mete ...
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Re: Usage Data Download

MrP,You can request a file from "https://refer.agl.com.au/forms/request-metering-data/" If you PM me (that's the mail ICON to the left of your user name) and send the message to @NeilC I may be able to help because I am looking for some Trial Users to test out two programmes that I have written to do just what you are requesting I am not an AGL employee but wrote the programs for my own needs and would like other people to get the benefit of my endeavours. Cheers Neil
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Re: Solar command "total consupmtion"

@Woodunn Ron, My understanding is that your Controlled Load Hotwater Service should never use your Solar Generation. Controlled Load is normally set for use during the NON PEAK times (which is why it used to be called off peak) from 23:00 to 07:00 and it is controlled by your Electricity Supplier and not your Retailer (AGL). My hotwater service only uses power during solar generation hours (it is a heat pump), uses under 1kw and hour and generally runs for about 2 hours a day to bring it ...
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Re: Program to analse smart meter data.

Hi SC,Once you have logged into your account.Click on usage.Then click on "GO TO ELECTRICITY & SOLAR USAGE"You will then see details for your weekly use. You can hover over each day and see your usage.At the bottom of the screen you can see a "Download Usage Data" button.Click on that and the below box will pop up.You can then open the file (you will need access to a spreadsheet programme) or save this. This is the complete list of your meter readings for every half hour and generally is not us ...
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