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Re: AGL IQ Usage Data

Hi Jayden,Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, the metre was upgraded just over a month ago to an EDMI Mk10D.Thanks
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AGL IQ Usage Data

Hi All, I,m new to solar and have been struggling with getting any meaningful usage data from AGL IQ. I can see what I'm drawing down from the grid and what I am exporting but when I click on the 'Usage Charges" tab I'm told: 'Unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage charges data. Please try again later. (ZIEIQ001 - 014). This has been the case for nearly 1 month. Any ideas on what I need to do to correct this? Thanks in Advance
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Limits to the size of new Residential Solar System

I'm an existing AGL customer and will be going solar in the next 2 months. I have been getting solar quotes and think I want to install a 12.2-kilowatt system. I've noticed that AGL and some other suppliers have limits on installation size (10KW) and am wondering what impact this will have. Will it reduce the FIT or will AGL elect not to deal with me?
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