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nicko AGL Employee

Re: Billing – what needs improving?

For me, the main thing that needs changing is to group past bills by fuel to make it easier to compare.
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nicko AGL Employee

Unable to load tabs error message

Hi team, Since the last update, after logging in I'm seeing a blank screen with "unable to load tabs" and I can't progress any further. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling so I'd imagine it's some kind of data/sync issue.
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nicko AGL Employee

Billing tab not loading

My billing tab is blank, even after refreshing and logging back into the app. I believe it may be related to me previously having 2 accounts linked (I’ve since removed the 2nd account but it’s still showing in my usage tab).
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nicko AGL Employee

Smart meter usage marker

Hi team, as per the attached screenshot, the marker for the last day of the billing period isn’t aligned to the centre
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