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Solar usage

I sent a post yesterday i got a reply from Mattyi have spent 2 hours trying to log on thru the reply option unbelievable regards to solar information same as normal electrical meter1 useage2 kw produced3 $ value generation 4 and if possible the normal meter minus the solar in $ value regards john
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Re: New agl app

Disappointed in new app old app was better on the usage indicator ..if it’s not broken don’t fix itno solar usage with smart meter availability is pretty poor effort from IT department
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Re: Feedback for AGL Mobile APP

Heyi don’t think they care one iotaim suspicious there has been a price rise from the start of the new appi don’t understand the lack of transparency on solar usage there smart meters you should be getting the same information from the solar as u do on normal usage at the moment agl is a dead loss
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Re: The new app is appalling

I agree total stupidity changing it at a glance I could see how far I was into the quarter everything was so simplethe KISS philosophyKeep it SImple StupidThe new app gives no improvement at all
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