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Battery fan on a hot day

On a hot day the fan in my Sunverge battery cabinet works flat out. Would it help heat removal if I kept the battery door open? Dave
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Dave Superconductor

Smart meter Mk7c

Is my new smart meter read online by AGL or does someone still have to call & read it in person at billing time?Dave
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Dave Superconductor

Grid draw doesn't make sense

I have a VPP battery installed.The following is an example of a reasonably regular occurrence:-Solar power being produced:- 2758 wattsBattery state of charge:- 60%House use - one TV, one computer, fridgePower draw from grid:- 740 wattsIs there a reason for this grid draw?Has anyone else noticed the same thing?I wasn't going to report on this until the 11.6 (larger) battery is installed, but it is happening more & I am interested as to why. Maybe a software logarithim needs chan ...
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Re: Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

Thanks,I have established that the codes on my meter run the other way around. In my case 03 is recording net import and 13 is showing export which is opposite to the picture in the Community.Does this indicate my meter has been wired incorrectly by the electrician?Dave
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