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Battery fan on a hot day

On a hot day the fan in my Sunverge battery cabinet works flat out. Would it help heat removal if I kept the battery door open? Dave
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Dave Superconductor

Smart meter Mk7c

Is my new smart meter read online by AGL or does someone still have to call & read it in person at billing time?Dave
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Dave Superconductor

Grid draw doesn't make sense

I have a VPP battery installed.The following is an example of a reasonably regular occurrence:-Solar power being produced:- 2758 wattsBattery state of charge:- 60%House use - one TV, one computer, fridgePower draw from grid:- 740 wattsIs there a reason for this grid draw?Has anyone else noticed the same thing?I wasn't going to report on this until the 11.6 (larger) battery is installed, but it is happening more & I am interested as to why. Maybe a software logarithim needs chan ...
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Dave Superconductor

Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

I wish to read my brand new smart meter but can't find any meaningful instructions.What do the codes 03 & 13 tell me please. I guess they are export & import, but which is which.Thanks,Dave
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