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Re: Ability to remove connections / referrals - Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @VaughnScott Thanks for your feedback. We have taken this on board and you can delete pending invitations which your friends have not accepted. Regards Brendan
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Categorisation of people in the 'Your top trades this week' on the Dashboard

Hi @VaughnScott, we have taken your feedback onboard and updated the ‘Your Top Trades’ feature. This feature no longer shows friends who you can’t buy solar tokens from because they don’t have a solar system. We have also added a new feature in ‘Manage your connections’ which allows you to easily identify which of your friends you can trade with by labelling which of your friends are only solar buyers or both solar buyers and sellers. Let us know what you think! Regards Brendan
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Check out our new video about AGL Solar Exchange

We realize trading energy is a new and challenging concept. So we have put together a short video to explain how our AGL Solar Exchange pilot works. Still have questions? Please post them to this thread.
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