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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Ability to remove connections / referrals - Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @VaughnScott Thanks for your feedback. We have taken this on board and you can delete pending invitations which your friends have not accepted. Regards Brendan
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Ability to remove connections / referrals

Hi @VaughnScott, Just following up on this thread. We have now released the previously mentioned updates to the 'Your top trades' feature. This update means your 'Pending' invitations no longer show up in the list of trading partners in 'Your top trades'. This feature now only show friends and family who have joined AGL Solar Exchange. Your pending invitations are now visible via the 'Manage your invitations' link below 'Your top trades'. Hopefully this addresses your feedback. Please ...
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