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Disconnect 10 Hooper st please - how long does a closed account appear in My Account?

I logged in to check my account at 22 Mario Drive ,to find that power reading for 10Hooper st is still active i closed that account down early November 2018 ,why is it still being used when there is nobody at the residence
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Refund of credit

Is it possible to have $500.00 of credit in gas account refunded to bank account please .Gas account has $614.17 in credit thank you ,Richard
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XU57 Conductor

No Solar feed in or out tarriffs on my bill

The solar panels were placed during construction of our house at Paralowie 5108, i informed AGL that i had Solar panels but to date have had no one come to the residence to connect to grid or what ever it is to Be done , i have no idea how to read the power meter which is a digital meter. Richard
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Re: Final bill

Hi ,have recieved my final bill for accountv at 10 Hooper St for $582.22 can i please pay this from credit on my account which is $863.05 thank you Richard
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