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Re: App does not show current usage. Has trouble connecting to my account details

Hi @Murf78 & @Andrewtikki , Can you please send me your account number privately and I'll look into this further? Are any of your property in the middle of a move? Thanks, Ken
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KennyB AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Android app not working.

Hi @NK7 , Can you message me your account number directly? It should be on your bill and I'll get the team to investigate. Thanks, Ken
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Re: SMS notifications for multiple properties - Status changed to: New

Hi AngeloP, Thank you for your feedback. Coincidentally, we are already working on adding bill reminders and meter read notification on the AGL Energy app. If you download our app then you'll receive these features as soon as they become available. Here is a quick summary on how it will work: You set a bill reminder, choosing when you want the reminder to occur. The app will send you a notification at the time and clicking the notification will navigate you to the exact bill to be paid. F ...
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Re: Usage Cost so far - Status changed to: Watch this Space

Hi @runbren, 'Cost so far' is showing your cost, including supply and usage charge minus your 'sold to grid' amount. There is a detailed explanation of it here https://community.agl.com.au/t5/AGL-App-and-Online-Services/How-is-my-projected-electricity-bill-calculated/ta-p/1242. We understand that 'cost so far' is not an apples to apples comparison to 'Sold to Grid', which should be 'Total Usage Charges', so we are improving the way we present information here to make it more intuitive. Add ...
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