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Re: App does not show current usage. Has trouble connecting to my account details

Hi @Murf78 & @Andrewtikki , Can you please send me your account number privately and I'll look into this further? Are any of your property in the middle of a move? Thanks, Ken
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KennyB AGL Moderator

Re: Android app not working.

Hi @NK7 , Can you message me your account number directly? It should be on your bill and I'll get the team to investigate. Thanks, Ken
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KennyB AGL Moderator

Re: Fix app to update payment status sooner - Status changed to: Needs More Info

Hi @Diddle , I can help get this investigated if you can send me your AGL Account Number privately. Thanks, Ken
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KennyB AGL Moderator

Re: Paypal payment - Status changed to: Watch this Space

Hi @Kaz101, Thank you for your feedback. Paying with PayPal is available in the app which you can get to by clicking on "PAY ONLINE". We acknowledge that this isn't easy to find so we are making improvements to make this more obvious.
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