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Re: Why we’re phasing out the old version of the AGL app

I agree, the old app was So much more useful especially for solar command
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Re: Solar Smart Meters

In September last year I received notification that Ia free net meter would be installed on my property prior to the rebate finishing on Dec 31 2016. 2 weeks later (october)I was notified that my house required a 3 phase net meter and that this would be done shortly. In October, November and December I continually called AGL requesting information on when the free meter would be installed, eventually speaking to a supervisor who supposedly placed me on a "priority" list. 31 December came and wen ...
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Re: New agl app

The new app is not as user friendly or as visually informational,i especially dislike the solar information. It is hidden and not immediately visible.solar command customers pay to be able to monitor their solar production and usage figures EASILY.put solar command on separate app or tab it CLEARLY on front page of new appnew app may be more useful to AGL eg rncouraging customers to fo their own meter reads (rather than AGL pay for meter readers?)the ne w app is neither effective or efficient fo ...
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Electricity bill unavailable 4 December 2017 - 4 March 2018

I have been unable to see my bill online, no4 has anybody been able to access it to forward to me for the period 4 December 2017 to@4March 2018After a painfull, stressful, time consuming, unsatisfactorily drawn out 14 month ongoing discussion/battle with AGL re a promised Net meter installation, my net meter was finally installed in February 2018. My bill for the Dec - March period is unavailable and I am wondering whether the issue is related to the meter installation.by the way my meter was n ...
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