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AGL apps and website

Is it just me or is AGL absolutely useless with my account. My apps are anything up to 3 days behind in information. I can't access my usage even when I log onto the web for the last three plus days and when I contacted them about solar production I was told it was only with their system. Don't these people have someone who can use the smart meter to give me my info. Not impressed as I know being an engineer all this can easily be done if you have the data. Unbelievable and I would not recommend ...
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Re: App does not work

Also having problems contacted them three times so far without any answer. They advertise this feature then nothing also my information is still not avaliable when I log in on the computer again three calls . NOT VERY HAPPY , just got me back as a customer but might not be long
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When will AGL fix IGL IQ so it works?

AGL again has broken my AGL IQ for about 5 days I can't get the usage charges it says "unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage charges data. Please try again later. (AJ - 496)" since before last Friday. Not that the calculations are correct, I can't understand how they can't get a simple calculation algorithm right is I can, but it gave me a guide. Also login is now very difficult and I need to use a work around since you changed your contact AGL page. Your programmers are hopeles ...
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