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Re: Solar panels

https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/apps/E-Petitions/Home/Sign/2950 A petition asking the Queensland government to change the real estate sale laws so that every new sale (existing house or new house) must have solar panels and batteries before the sale is completed. Signing is open until 4/9/18
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Solar panels

How about AGL put solar panels and batteries on every household that wants them? The Household pays off the installation of the panels through a system you will calculate -User gets solar power and uses power in their home with the excess used to pay off the installation costs. You get the benefit of being ultra green in the power world. You can get the ridiclous RET benefits form the conservative government. You can push the government for funding in that it will help Australia meet the Paris ...
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I get 28% discount for direct debit payments. If I choose to pay early - will the 28% discount still apply or will you do something shifty like cancelling the discount? I have to ask because of past problems with you lot.
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