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Re: Some question about the australian market

Solar running costs cheaper than coal.Daily use can be mostly automated. Replace panels in 25 years, when cost will be half.For coal each day buy transport and burn coal.To clean gases which noone does, its costly. To build a solar PV is much cheaper than a clean coal plant.
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Solar + Storage costs

No one talks about storage costs, heres my estimate: Solar will provide cheaper power. Sun is free, no transport costs.Solar PV farm can be mostly automated. Build next to grid power.Solar panels with 25 year life could be replaced after 2040 when costsshould half. Compare with coal each day buy, transport and burn coal. Clean coal 1GW plant cost $4 billion.*Solar PV farm 1GW $1.6 billion.**Powerwall2 lithium batteries 1GW $0.9 billionSolar + Storage $2.5 billion = baseload power In case of blac ...
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Re: What does the Community think about the purchase of Loy Yang B Power Station?

Need to keep coal until it can be replaced.Short term coal at night, solar at day.Long term storage farms.Agl video, only 100 MW investment in renewables.
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Re: Renewables: cutting off our nose to spite our face?

Build a solar farm up north near transmission lines to get more sun.Replace coal plants with same storage. ie. 1000 MW.In 2 years solid state battery should be here.users.tpg.com.au/rgbrgb88/solar.html
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