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Re: New Ideas For Android App December 2019

I agree with each of the issues above, as I was about to create a separate post on those. These issues had been fedback 6 months ago, they haven't been implemented in the app yet! How long would it take to get them reflected in the app? Being a new user, it is quite dissappointing to not being able to check what plan I am currently on from the app. Also, its so slow to update the usage details - today is 15 May, but I can see the actual usage only till 9 May. Solar feed in tariff info is missing ...
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TheSeeker Sparky

Re: Usage update - Real time usage

Wait for 48 hours to have the usage data displayed? Very disappointing. Used to see my usage data of a day since next morning in the Origin energy app, then why is the waiting time so long for AGL?
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