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01-12-2018 11:42 AM


Well, a lot of good my last post did. A host of assurances from AGL, rectification of the GROSS OVERCHARGES, and advised that the sub-contractor responsible for meter readings would be "Reached out to" and information given to assure that the NO ACCESS non issue would be passed on. Obviously this did not happen, or the meter reader chose to ignore the advice. Most recent billing, again an ESTIMATE, due to??? Locked Gates!!!! . Gates are never locked.Meter read & reading submitted. Result bill re ...
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CSR Conductor
01-12-2018 11:19 AM

Re: Last gas bill has doubled

This is not an uncommon issue. AGL do not directly employ meter readers, the job is sub-contracted to the meter supplier, in my instance SP AusNet. Meter readings are frequently not readings at all, only ESTIMATES, with the meter reader claiming that they could not gain access due to any number of reasons, locked gates etc.Read your meter and submit the reading on-lineMost recent bill of approximately $380 reduced to $30 as a result of submitting a meter reading. I feel like asking for payment ...
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CSR Conductor
26-10-2018 12:05 AM


As the subject title indicates, have again been receiving monthly accounts with the $ amount far in excess of those for similar periods, being 4 - 8 times above. Recently resolved to reduce gas consumption as much as practicable. Result, an account for Monthly usage approximately 4 times higher than that of a 4 person home. I am the only person at the address.I contacted AGL & attempted to resolve the issue. Recent readings have been Estimates, with claims that this was due to access being denie ...
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CSR Conductor
20-11-2017 01:39 PM


Jayden, thanks for your response, much appreciated.I spoke with a Chat Room rep, Debolina, and she was very helpful. A payment plan has been developed that will assist in my budgeting.Thanks
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