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Re: i would like to have a LIVE CHAT with one of your officers

Hi Jayden, whenever I click one of the many links you have provided about this issue, I get a warning that this is not a secure connection and my browser will not let me proceed. I just want to be able to chat about my bill. Why do you not make this easy? Is it because you are reaping in the late fees when people are unable to get in contact with you?
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Re: How much do I owe?

That link does not work. I ended up paying $45, just to cover the highest amount. This was on the 16th of October. I received via email a bill today that was issued on the 22nd of October, and there is nothing about the $45 I paid, just another different amount to the three I already have.
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How much do I owe?

After moving, I received my final gas bill for $36.11 on 21st September with a due date of October 11th. THe read type was "actual". I then received a bill on October 11th for $24.54 with a due date of October 30th and a read type of "estimate". Both bills were for the same time period. The website and app both state the amount owing is $40.98 with a due date of September 20th, though this amount was paid on September 15th. Anyone care to take a guess as to what I owe and when it is due by?
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