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Re: App not updating

Hi JAM61, Based on the date you have mentioned, I believe there may have been a lock placed on your account as you may have been flagged as in or nearby an active bush fire zone. Due to this we have placed holds on all billing and collections for customers in these areas. These holds would be preventing the current usage data from being published. For more information on this you can visit the below links. https://www.agl.com.au/about-agl/media-centre/asx-and-media-releases/2019/nov ...
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-Steve- AGL Moderator

Re: Strange gas usage and meter reading

Hi nev, With this particular meter it’s the black and white number and the first two red numbers. So the meter reading is 24021.45, if you enter this in it should be accepted. If you have any issues, reach out via messenger you can do this either via My Account or the AGL App.
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-Steve- AGL Moderator

Re: Pay on time discount

Hi brasiercm, The offers we have available can vary based on a number of different factors, such as when you have signed up, the promotions we are running or the last time your plan was changed. You can view our current offers by visiting the following link. https://www.agl.com.au/signup#connection/requestType/af If you wish to discuss with someone, please visit the following link to either get in touch via webchat or on the phone. https://www.agl.com.au/contact-us/more-help/more-h ...
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-Steve- AGL Moderator
3 weeks ago

Re: Request for an upgrade to smart meter

Hi Minikakat, If this is just a standard meter exchange this shouldn't be required. I'd suggest reaching out to the digital metering team again to follow up either on 1300 669 245 or digitalmetering@agl.com.au for further assistance. Sorry for the inconvenience this matter has caused. Kind Regards, Steven
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