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liam1 AGL Employee
3 weeks ago

Re: Bring EV subscription to Albany please

Hi @Whammo thanks for your interest, we have just launched EV subscriptions this month in metro Sydney, with plans to launch next in Melbourne then Brisbane. We’ve had lot’s of interest from regional areas and will study other locations as we grow, but that will be at least 12months away, sorry we can’t help you out at the moment.
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liam1 AGL Employee

Re: Agl - a one stop shop for all household, transportation and communication needs.

Hi Scillaherb, It’s great that you're thinking about how an EV can work as part of a total home energy solution. If you are interested in a easy and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of an EV without the upfront price tag – we’ve recently launched an EV subscription product https://www.agl.com.au/get-connected/electric-vehicles/ev-subscription. There are four vehicles to choose from with no lock in contract, and it allows you to get a taste of owning an EV without all the hassles and cost ...
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liam1 AGL Employee

Re: Electric Car Plan

Hi, thanks for posting your question on AGL communities. As the $1 a day Electric Car Plan was a trial product, there was no capability built to enable the display of the vehicle charging component on the bill. Unfortunately, this was a limitation of the trial, however we recognise this decision caused considerable frustration to customers and has informed our thinking regarding future product development. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please note, soon we will be creating a AGL ...
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