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How to extract Daily Electricity usage report with exported (kwh) and imported (kwh) details

Hi - I had a new digital smart meter with comms (MK10D) installed by AGL (NSW) yesterday. The previous meter was also an MK10D but without the comms module. I understand that the usage data recorded every 30 minutes gets uploaded daily to an authorised central site. How do I access this data on an ongoing basis to be able to compare it with my solar system (SolarEdge inverter) data that I can access from SolarEdge site (data interval 15 mins, export, import, consumption etc). Also, if the data ...
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Re: AGL Digital Meter and my current Solar System Consumption, Export and Import Monitoring

Hello NeilThanks for taking the time to respond.The current AusGrid meter is an EDMI ATLAS Mk10D. I paid an AusGrid certified installer to install this meter in Dec 2017 after then installation of my SolaEdge Solar system. I did a comparison of the SE app data against the AGL billing data and found it to be reasonably close. So no issues on the meter side or SE data monitoring side. I think AGL is doing a change of meters in my area to cut down meter reading costs (currently they have to pay Au ...
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Re: solar edge app

Hello NeilThanks for the response. I had also posted a query yesterday in the forum here with the subject AGL Digital Meter and my current Solar System Consumption, Export and Import Monitoring*****************************I received a letter from AGL about the planned upgrade of my current Netmeter (Ausgrid supplied) with a digital meter in early July 2020. I am a bit concerned about this as I have seen negative comments about AGL's digital meters.I have a SolarEdge inverter system with consumpt ...
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