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Re: AGLIQ not working for solar

Hi I received a reply private message Friday morning saying they were looking into it. I went in a bit later that day and AGLIQ was working on both my machines. It hung for a while but eventually refreshed. This coincided with my billing period falling due. Not sure if the two are linked.
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AGLIQ not working for solar

My AGLIQ is not giving me details when I click on usage>go to electricity and solar. It just gets stuck in a loop and brings me back to the overview screen.It has been out for a while and I have a query in but the frustration is mounting.Webchat reference number is 1491741197Rod
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Re: Solar refund

You can request by phone to have your credit deposited into a bank account. I have a standing order on my account and it is paid on the due date of my bill.
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Re: Electricity Usage and Solar Feed In

I read a reply somewhere here that they are working on an update and will be done in a few weeks. Agreed at the moment it is worse than the previous version. A message on the screen about the upgrade would be nice.
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