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Re: AGLIQ not working for solar

Hi I received a reply private message Friday morning saying they were looking into it. I went in a bit later that day and AGLIQ was working on both my machines. It hung for a while but eventually refreshed. This coincided with my billing period falling due. Not sure if the two are linked.
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AGLIQ not working for solar

My AGLIQ is not giving me details when I click on usage>go to electricity and solar. It just gets stuck in a loop and brings me back to the overview screen.It has been out for a while and I have a query in but the frustration is mounting.Webchat reference number is 1491741197Rod
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Re: Solar refund

You can request by phone to have your credit deposited into a bank account. I have a standing order on my account and it is paid on the due date of my bill.
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Re: Solar refund

Since Jan 1 this year, I think, SAPN no longer install meters and this has been put onto retailers. The changeover has led to long delays getting meters installed.Your installer probably should have warned you about the fact you may not get paid for exports until the meter was installed.AFAIK it is a no no to instal PV and turn it on and leave a spinning disc meter. Unless you can identify and prove how much you exported it would be difficult to get it backdated IMO.I guess it won't hurt to ask ...
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