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Re: Do i need a 3 phase solar inverter with 3 phase power ?

Hi Mjuice, You will only be charged for what you draw from the grid. The charging by the utility only occurs after the netting of the three phases at the meter has occurred. A feed-in-tariff credit only occurs if the solar generated exceeds the draw at the household. If Phase 2 and 3 are drawing 2 kWh and your Solar is only generating 1 kWh, you would be drawing 1 kWh from the grid. It would probably help to think of it as summing the three phases and asking yourself what the total is. If you ...
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nRe: Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

Hi Jane, Here is the City of Adelaide's update re: Electric Cars: https://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/transport-parking/electric-vehicles/ You can google online, but the Electric Cars are easily between $45K and $66K (After Miscellaneous charges) Check for pricing using:AutotraderCarsalesLocal DealershipsYou will need to shop around to get an idea of the pricing. Regards, Schander
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Re: EDMI Atlas Mk10d meter - how to see live usage

Hi GoldCoastSteve, I'm sorry you had a had a bad experience. I don't believe most of the Electricity Providers mind if a consumer manages their usage. We can simply monitor the electricity by buying a product (In-home displays) and connect it to the meter. This information can be read real-time via a mobile app (not provided by the Electricity Provider) or on an internal display. I believe the reason for the 24 hour delay for the readings is that all the results are compiled on a nightly basis ...
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Re: Split System Solar Air Conditioners

Hi Rob, We meet again. The one that Gerald suggested is still an AC unit and not a DC turnkey solution. However, your solution (Superen) is both solar and a DC unit. Regards, Schander
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