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Re: EDMI Atlas Mk10d meter - how to see live usage

Hi Dimitry, >>The reason why i want to get live readings >>is to tell if my solar is "working properly" at >>a given time, as in, is it covering the usage >>of my aircon right now? I can certainly understand what you are after. If I may make a suggestion? You can request a detailed meter usage from AGL. Here's the link to do this: https://refer.agl.com.au/forms/request-metering-data/ You would also need to pull the detailed solar power generated from your Inverter's App. For the same date/t ...
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Re: EDMI Atlas Mk10d meter - how to see live usage

Hi Dimitry, Have you tried looking into this? Solar Efergy Engage Hub Online Wifi Energy Monitor Regards, Schander
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Re: Merging AGL and Solis/Ginlong solar data

Hi Bob, The important columns would be: TimeGeneration of Last Month (Active)(kWh)Daily Generation (Active)(kWh)Total Generation (Active)(kWh)AC Output Total Power (Active)(W)System Time As far as time, it depends on whether it is the date/time format from the TIME column or the System Time column. Take the end of day Total Generation and subtract the start of day Total Generation and that will tell you how much kWh generated for that day. Look at the Feed-in-Tariff on your detailed spreadsheet ...
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Re: Solar Export to Grid

Hello Nadeemrajabali, First of all, congratulations on your Solar journey. Getting solar power is definitely a step in the right direction. As you have very nicely outlined your questions, I will reply accordingly: 1) If your Export to the Grid exceeds your consumption, it should show up as a credit on your bill. The important thing here is to take into account that you also have a "Supply Charge" as an inclusion in your electricity bill. This daily supply charge is usually under $1.00. Which ...
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