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Schander Dynamo
3 weeks ago

Re: Merging AGL and Solis/Ginlong solar data

Hi Bob, The important columns would be: TimeGeneration of Last Month (Active)(kWh)Daily Generation (Active)(kWh)Total Generation (Active)(kWh)AC Output Total Power (Active)(W)System Time As far as time, it depends on whether it is the date/time format from the TIME column or the System Time column. Take the end of day Total Generation and subtract the start of day Total Generation and that will tell you how much kWh generated for that day. Look at the Feed-in-Tariff on your detailed spreadsheet ...
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Schander Dynamo

Re: EDMI Atlas Mk10d meter - how to see live usage

Hi Dimitry, Have you tried looking into this? Solar Efergy Engage Hub Online Wifi Energy Monitor Regards, Schander
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Schander Dynamo
a week ago

Re: Do i need a 3 phase solar inverter with 3 phase power ?

Hi Vijay, The article you are quoting is spot-on. Your house should be fine on a single-phase inverter because your inverter is rated at a max of 5 kW. If you have three phases, then the assumption is that you have a three-phase smart meter (You can cross-check this with AGL). When you get solar installed, you will need to contact AGL to make sure they reprogram your smart-meter for bi-directional energy (i.e. Drawn versus Delivered energy). It should record the consumption across all three pha ...
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Schander Dynamo
a week ago

Re: Solar and tariff 33 in Qld

Hi JYLW, During the day, if your Photovoltaic (PV) solar is generating electricity, the inverter is properly configured, and your energy retailer has been informed and reconfigured your smart meter, the hot water if it is running on electricity, should be drawing energy from the solar energy generated by your solar panels. If the hot water draws more power than your solar panel generates, it will draw from your energy retailer. Regards, Schander
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