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Re: EDMI Atlas Mk10d meter - how to see live usage

Hi GoldCoastSteve, I'm sorry you had a had a bad experience. I don't believe most of the Electricity Providers mind if a consumer manages their usage. We can simply monitor the electricity by buying a product (In-home displays) and connect it to the meter. This information can be read real-time via a mobile app (not provided by the Electricity Provider) or on an internal display. I believe the reason for the 24 hour delay for the readings is that all the results are compiled on a nightly basis ...
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Re: Split System Solar Air Conditioners

Hi Rob, We meet again. The one that Gerald suggested is still an AC unit and not a DC turnkey solution. However, your solution (Superen) is both solar and a DC unit. Regards, Schander
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Re: Do i need a 3 phase solar inverter with 3 phase power ?

Hi Thad19, I think you may have misunderstood. If you have a three phase grid connected to the house, but only a single phase inverter for solar, the electricity meter is configured to manage a "Netting" effect. Say your inverter was on Phase 1 of the 3 phases connected to your house. It's a bright sunny day and your solar is generating a lot of electricity. Your house has minimal electricity appliances on phase 1. But, Phase 2 and Phase 3 has appliances drawing electricity. All three phas ...
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Re: Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

Hi David, Yes, I would consider getting an electric car. Main reason for me is to leverage the lower cost of electricity versus that of Petrol and overall health benefits. Many Benefits:Less Air Pollution - Reduced Greenhouse gas emissions and reduced harmful exhaust emissions.Less Noise PollutionCheaper to Run - Lower running costsCheaper to maintain - Less moving parts than conventional Petrol/diesel car.Leverage Renewable energy (Solar Power) to recharge the EV.Electric cars (most of them) ...
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