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Online account does not work

Has anyone out there been able to successfully get AGL to fix their online account?I have been trying now for over 6 weeks to get into my account and check the bill and the usage and there does not seem to be anyone smart enough to fix an account. promised by 4 different online chat sessions in a row that it was fixed them moved onto calling them and promised 4 times that it will be fix asap but here I am just browsing the community because my account STILL DOES NOT WORK.I even had one person th ...
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quinny Conductor

Re: Online account does not work

Yeah, my daughter just brought a house and then signed up with them and has the same problem, went on for weeks trying to get it sorted, so many different people telling so many different things...
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Drawing from grid and exporting at same time

Can anybody tell me why I show that I am drawing from the grid AND exporting at the same time in the middle of the day. Was changed over to NET metering a couple of months ago.Seems like a way for AGL to make money, Charge for power at a high cost and give me a lttle money for the export at the same time, when I should be using all my solar and not drawing from the grid.Please explain???Or would this just be a technical difficulty the AGL have every day with everything?
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Re: Drawing from grid and exporting at same time

I gather nobody from AGL can explain or to busy trying to make the usage site work??
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