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Re: Solar Generation Data: SOLVED

I've figured it out. If you are interested, log on to https://m.ginlong.com and click on the "Details" tab. Your inverter should listed there. Click anywhere on the row that has the details about your inverter (except the "Delete" button). You will get a whole lot of extra information about your inverter. If you then click on the "Export detailed data" button, you'll download a spreadsheet with everything you could possibly want about the inverter and what it's getting from the panels. (I'm sti ...
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Re: Merging AGL and Solis/Ginlong solar data

Here is what doing the above got me for 29th Jul (chosen at random). Same definitions as before, except we are now looking at 30 min blocks.I think, for now, that's what I've been looking for. Thanks for all the suggestions (to this and other threads).
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Solar Generation Data

I have a 4kW solar panel system with a Solis/Ginlong inverter. I get nice graphs of the power generated from the panels at https://m.ginlong.com and I can download CSV files from https://myaccount.agl.com.au/usage that give me our consumption (from the grid) and feed in (from the panels to the grid) in 30 min blocks (see below).The problem is that it is not easy to put the two things together. Does anyone know of a way to get the Solis/Ginlong data in a CSV file (or similar)?
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Merging AGL and Solis/Ginlong solar data

Downloading spreadsheets from https://myaccount.agl.com.au/usage and https://m.ginlong.com ("Devices" tab, then click on your inverter), I have been able to produce graphs like this:Where:Grid = power I'm taking from the grid.Solar = total power generated by my solar panels.FeedIn = power fed back into the grid (from my panels) Looking at the difference between "Solar" and "FeedIn", I can see our daily self-consumption. I experimented with a few different ways to combine the data, but (so far an ...
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