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Does AGL have a mobile app?

The AGL Energy App lets you stay in control, informed and connected so it’s easier to manage your budget and avoid surprises on your bill. If you’re an AGL customer, you can: Enter your own meter reads.~ View historical billing data. Easily pay bills via PayPal or credit card. Download your bill Monitor your solar usage and production If you have a digital (or 'smart') electricity meter, you can: View your daily and monthly usage. Receive a projection of your next bill amount. ~Only a ...
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How do I manage the account of a deceased estate?

We understand that the passing of a family member and finalising an estate can be stressful, so we have a simple system to help you sort out their energy account as quickly as possible. We encourage you to contact us by phone so that we can help organise the best result. If you need to contact AGL from overseas, you can also call us on +61 3 8633 6000. You don’t have to be family or the executor of the estate, so long as you can tell us the account details to ensure we are providing the c ...
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How do smooth bill payments work?

Check out AGL Bill Smoothing to see how we can help take the surprise out of your energy bill[s]. What is bill smoothing? AGL bill smoothing is a payment plan that creates a regular estimated bill. It works by splitting the estimated total cost of your energy bills over the next 12 months into equal monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. The bill amounts are, as the name suggests, ‘smoothed out’ – or averaged over a year. What are the advantages of bill smoothing? Bill smoothing ...
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Is anyone exempt from the paper bill and over the counter fees?

Yes. The following customers will be exempt from paying the new paper bill and/or over-the-counter (OTC) fees: Staying Connected Customers Customers registered for a Concession Life Support Customers Customers receiving large print bills Some multisite customers Builders defined as a recognised ‘premium builder’ under AGL’s accredited New Connections portfolio
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