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Connected home hub

I've just picked up a Nest smoke alarm and outdoor camera, with the hope I can connect to my Angee home security system. I'm mega keen to connection other devices in my home (LIFx light globes, etc). Can anyone recommend a central hub (like Amazon Echo or Google Home) that is available in Australia?
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Customers impacted by storms/flooding

We understand that some of our customers have been impacted by major storms and flooding across south and eastern Australia. Affected customers facing financial hardship following these events should contact us to discuss support available. You can also find more information at the Victorian and New South Wales goverment websites.
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What is global warming?

Global warming is the earth’s average temperature increasing due to the effect of greenhouse gases, and it can lead to changes to our climate and environments. While global warming is caused by a number of factors, a main contributor is human beings burning fossil fuels to produce energy.
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How much is the Australia Post over-the-counter (OTC) fee?

If you pay your bill over the counter at Australia Post you may incur a fee of $2.00 per payment (including GST); Exemptions from the over-the-counter can be found here. Access your bill straight from your email inbox and avoid paper bill fees simply by switching to eBilling. To sign up to eBilling and stay organised and clutter free, sign up by accessing My Account. We have a number of alternative secure payment options, which you can find on the AGL.com.au website or by contacting us.
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