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No longer able to download CSV data

I used to be able to go into my usage and download my usage data in 30 minute intervals each time my meter was read. The AGL website would also graph the daily usage. But now it just shows quarterly usage with no ability to download the underlying granular usage data. Can I get the functionality to download the data back? The new usage page is pretty useless.
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DanF Semiconductor
3 weeks ago

Re: No longer able to download CSV data

Hi Jayden, Have you got an update on when we will see the granular data back? It’s been quite a “few weeks” since your post.
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DanF Semiconductor
2 weeks ago

Re: No longer able to download CSV data

Mine is the same as @suds. I do not have a download button either. Please bring back this feature. The old website provided this data and it was accurate as it matched the usage exactly to what is shown on my bill. I have requested data via https://refer.agl.com.au/forms/request-metering-data/ and that data is inaccurate. The provided data truncates numbers (effectively rounding everything down) so it does not add up to what is on my bill.
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