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Re: Wife name on AGL account

MAQ, I have the same issue with AGL. I want my wife / partner to have the same access i have to our account. Recently she raised a compliant with them and i was receiving the phone calls. They would not talk to her about it at all. They only wanted to talk to me. She is a grown adult and can handle her own issues etc. Imagine in the 21st century we are dealing with a draconian corporation. Additionally i am away overseas quite often and live in different time zones but yet once there is an issue ...
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Re: Are meter readers getting slacker?

At least you are lucky they drop in a card to say they had been around. The last one we had gave my wife a mouthful of verbal, just because she asked who he was and what was he doing. She had never been home when they have come around before and was wondering who the stranger was making his way around the side of our house. When she asked him he got abusive. Reported it to AGL and have not heard what was the outcome
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