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Turk1664 Semiconductor
3 weeks ago

Setup of Fonius 3Kw System

My landlord has installed solar panels on the house. I have the Fronius inverter installed and has been running for two months. I did ask for a smart meter to be installed at the start and was told 15 business days wait, that turned into 7 weeks. Anyway, bloke comes and puts in smart meter and now what? Do I have to do anything to tell the inverter it is there or put in feed in tariffs etc. Everyone just arrives does an install and leaves without telling me anything.
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Turk1664 Semiconductor
4 weeks ago

Re: Smart Meter Model NSW

Hi alit, did you get this system setup correctly, I have the same.
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Turk1664 Semiconductor
3 weeks ago

Re: Solar feed in tariff

do the math before changing. They bump up the General Usage and the Supply Charge.
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Turk1664 Semiconductor
3 weeks ago

Change of fees

I have just had a 3Kw solar panels system installed and have changed my Energy Plan online to the Essential Plus where the rates quoted were General-24.2c, Supply-151.47c and Feed in-11.1c. (did this yesterday).Today I get an email stating a change to my Electricity plan and new rates. The rates they give me today are General-31.79c, Supply-156.2c and Feed in-10.2c.How can the rates change overnight, i did my math and was better of with the lower prices with small feed in payment, rather than th ...
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