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Re: Estimated usage and feed in.

Hello Jayden, I've only just logged back in. The data hasn't corrected itself completely, the figures have altered from the initial estimates, the feed in estimate remains the same which is 6.85kW, I believe it should be quite a bit higher than this. Strangely enough the "bought from the grid" figure has dropped from 26.16kW to 9.65kW (which seems to be correct). My first day of billing the 14/08/2019 remains as an estimate and has not changed at all. Thanks Hugh
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Estimated usage and feed in.

Hello there,there has been two occasions during my last current bill cycle where my AGL app has shown and estimate associated with my energy usage, and feed in. I was wondering why this occurs, when my inverter data and analytics show very different results, please can you explain why this might happen? Thanks
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