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Re: Discharge ports, meters per second, cubic meters per second.

Hi @RussellJoseph Sincere apologies for the delay, we've been working on the community sessions. Using the same water for regassification is a process called ‘closed loop.’ Closed loop uses some of the LNG cargo to operate gas-fired boilers that heats the LNG as opposed to seawater. However, this decreases the amount of gas available to the gas network as it uses approximately 1.5% of the total LNG storage. This is equivalent to about one extra full load LNG carrier each year and approxima ...
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Re: Westernport and RAMSAR

Hi @Bob-W Thank you for taking the time to post and very sorry about the delay in responding. We missed your message when it moved over into this forum. We are sorry to hear you do not feel like we are effectively undertaking community consultation. We have tried to acknowledge the validity of the local concerns and are well aware they exist. We have held more than 60 public consultation meetings in the local community since 2017 when we first announced the proposed project. We have also ...
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Re: AGL’s “Community Update” Announcing Delays At Crib Point

Hi RotasQuare, Thank you for your post and sincere apologies for the delay. The change in timing has kept us busy. Yes, the Esperanza does already have closed loop capabilities inbuilt whereas the Giant was going to require modification in order to implement the closed loop system. However, we would have ensured either ship had the capacity to run closed loop and open loop regasification. Apart from this, the Esperanza and the Giant have almost identical configurations. This includes the s ...
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Re: agl crib point project

Hi Edith, We understand your concerns about the impact this development may have on the environment. It was not a decision we undertook lightly. We investigated several different sites across Australia, including Crib Point in Victoria, Port Adelaide in South Australia and Port Kembla in New South Wales. The evaluation process considered several factors including access to key gas markets, cost of incremental pipeline transmission, availability of suitable land for onshore facilities, cost of ...
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