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Solar Monitoring Web Page

What is going on with the solar monitoring web page. It has for the past few days displayed a message "You are experiencing a technical eclipse". It goes on to say please use the navigation to search what you are looking for and a button "Go To Home Page". Guess what, the button doesn't work either. What the hell is going on? I use that page daily.
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Re: Usage Unavailable

Like you I use this page every day and find it frustrating that this page goes down from time to time. I also use Solar command but since I've had a Tesla battery installed this is no longer available. In an E-Mail from AGL they seemed to indicate that there will be a Tesla Solar Command but after 5 days all the Tesla app gives is a page showing how the power is flowing which for my purpose is absolutely worthless. No data at all.
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Solar Command

I have just had a Tesla power wall battery installed as part of the VPP scheme. I no longer have access to data on solar command after the changeover from Sunverge to Tesla (which I was told i wouldnt have) .In place of solar command I have downloaded the Tesla app but this doesn't appear to have the data previously shown on the solar command app. Where can I get access to Produced Energy and Consumed Energy for each day as previously shown on the solar command app. I tried to contact Tesla but ...
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Re: Virtual Power Plant discussion thread

I can't understand how I import electricity from the grid on days when the battery at any time never gets as low as 30%. Any ideas?
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