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Re: Power usage web page hasn't been working for 2 days

Not only is this page not working as it used to but it also shows the incorrect amount owing. I keep a spreadsheet with all the relevant details to calculate what I owe as compared with what the web page says and up until 2/9/2019 or thereabouts my calculation agreed (within a cent or 2) with what the web page said. It does seem as though some fiddling goes on with the web page and when that happens it effects other parts and AGL are not aware of this.
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Benibasha Superconductor

AGL Solar Monitoring Web Page

Some or most of the data is missing from the solar monitoring web page for 13th and 14th June. This seems to happen irregularly on a consistent basis. Could someone backload the missing data for those two days. Benibasha
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Re: Solar Monitoring Web Page

Solar monitoring page working properly (after a couple of hiccups). Thanks. Benibasha
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Benibasha Superconductor

Solar Monitoring Web Page

When can I expect this page to start working again? Have been experiencing a "technical eclipse" for the last 8 days or so.
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