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Gas Cartels Exaggerating Reports of Shortages to Alarm the Community and Drive Up Prices

The quotes below were made by Australian Gas analyst Bruce Robertson. Hyperlinks to the full articles are included.Unlike the response above, on behalf of a vested interest who seems to have threatened vulnerable people with energy shortages to justify their gas import plan when this country produces more gas than any other, Mr Robertson the author of these quotes has “no dog in this fight”.“There’s plenty of gas around, even on the east coast...Companies are sitting on permits, not developing t ...
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Re: Regasification plant

Hi Iemac101I hope the following quote from this excellent article by Australian energy anayst Bruce Robertson might go some way to answering your very relevant question:“So high are the prices we pay, that these corporate gas giants can absorb the costs of liquefying the gas – turning it into LNG that is – shipping the gas and then re-gasification; that is, turning it back into gas again. Each of these processes is expensive in itself. Cumulatively they add up to around A$6.70/GJ (per gigajoule) ...
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Re: AGL’s “Community Update” Announcing Delays At Crib Point

Australians have become far more aware of the dire state of the Australian energy market since AGL first announced the Crib Point proposal in 2017. It has become a constant feature in daily news, and last week Premier Andrews repeated his opinion in The AGE that there IS NO GAS SHORTAGE in Victoria. Clearly, this is unfortunate for AGL, who have relied on disinformation about imminent gas shortfalls to justify the ridiculous plan to import and process gas in the protected wetlands of Westernport ...
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Re: Höegh Esperanza Versus Höegh Giant?

Hi Kerry @KerryRainer wrote:I understand AGL has now selected the Höegh Esperanza for it's proposal. Does this mean the amount of discharge as per the Giant ( 450 million litres of toxic chlorinated water per day) will differ ? Or is the Esperanza the same type of vessel with the same operational figures as the Giant?I noticed thatAGL’s recent press release about project’s delays states the Esperanza “better fits timing and operational requirements arising from the Environment Effects Statement ...
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