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Discharge ports, meters per second, cubic meters per second.

Could I have some information regarding the discharge ports please?Am I correct that there are 6 in total, 3 on each side of the vessel? What is the width of the port at point of discharge? What is the spacing ( distance) between discharge ports?Am I correct to assume all 6 discharging ports have to pump continuously over a 24 hour period to purge the proposed 450 million litres of chilled toxic water?Could you provide a diagram which shows where these ports are located on the FSRU whilst moo ...
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Re: AGL Risk Assessments for the Gas Import Jetty project

@LachlanS I would also like my name to be added to the community safety consultation group for the AGL EES please.
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Re: Yaringa Marine Park

I think AGL marking RobH1 posts as "solved" is very misleading as I thought RobH1 himself had marked it as solved and that his questions and issues had been answered and resolved- which they clearly have not been!!
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Re: Mangroves

@LachlanS Thank you for your reply, but no it does not help answer my question as the AEMO states they do not for see any gas supply gaps before 2030, so you will have no problem supplying your 1.4m Gas customers with Gas.
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