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2 weeks ago

2020 AGL Financial Report - community funds for Crib Point

Hello, I would like to ask a few questions about the AGL FY20 Financial Report. AGL have provided funds to various communities around Australia over recent years. I live in Crib Point and noticed that in FY19 $232,057 was invested in Crib Point.In FY20 $124,440 was invested in Crib Point. Could you please provide details on where these funds have been spent over the past two years?Which Crib Point community groups or individuals have received these funds? Any assistance would be appreciated. Kin ...
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June 2020 - how much imported gas would AGL sell to Victoria and how much to NSW and SA?

Hello, Could you please tell me how much imported gas does AGL plan to sell into the Victorian gas market, the NSW gas market and the South Australian gas market if the gas import jetty and pipeline project at Crib Point was approved? For example, would 60% of imported gas be sold to Victoria, 20% to NSW and 20% to South Australia over an average twelve month period? Thank you.
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May 2020 - Would AGL source LNG from shale gas wells in USA?

Evening, Could you please confirm if AGL would consider importing LNG from the United States if it was extracted from shale gas wells (fracked gas) into Australia? Also, is AGL now considering building an LNG import terminal in South Australia? Thank you.
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March 2020 - environmental impacts from FSRU vessels around the world

Hello, Could you please tell me if AGL has received any data on environmental impacts of FSRU vessels located around the world? Has the FSRU supplier Hoegh provided AGL with any information/reports on environmental impacts of any kind (marine, air, noise, etc) due to the operation of their FSRU vessels around the world? Thank you.
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