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Re: Green 'Boost' button on my EDMI Mk7A Smart Meter

I was referred to this post. I was given the phone number to ring ActiveStream. I rang them as directed by AGL. They told me they only deal with retailers and not consumers.
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What codes are used on an Atlas MK7A meter in South Australia

What do the codes 07, 03, 13, 43, 53, 63 represent on a Atlas MK7A meter ?
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Re: BOOST button, does it use available solar power before using PEAK power

AGL presented an answer in the forum to my question. Their answer was an outright deceitful like. Answer with relevance to SA. Go on AGL, answer with that in mind. You outright lied. In SA you have programmed the meters to not allow off grid power from 100 solar panels to heat my HWS. It is my solar power, my Hot water system and you have put in a program that makes a customer always have to pay for hot water to be heated even if they have 100 solar panels to heat it. I can be exporting 5,000wat ...
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Re: Edmi Atlas MK7A meter

I have noted with interest that AGL refuse to provide you with an answer to a simple question. They have millions of meters and yet no one will tell you how to read them
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