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Re: Odorisation process

Hi KerryRainer, We appreciate your concerns about potential spillage. The Safety Data Sheet for Spotleak 1005 lists the effects on humans if they are exposed. There would be an average of one odorant truck every two months delivering Mercaptan to the facility. An APA Technician will open the site and supervise the delivery with the work to be undertaken by specialised transport staff. They would be required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The product is hand ...
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Re: Gas pipeline alignment change and construction methods

Hi Kerry, APA has changed the proposed pipeline alignment along Hastings to utilise the rail corridor instead of Frankston-Flinders Road. The alignment change in Hastings was made as a result of consultation with business owners, Mornington Peninsula Council and VicRoads. We understand that Hastings is an important business and community hub and the change of pipeline alignment will minimise impacts to traffic flow in and out of Hastings during construction. It means that the pipe can be const ...
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Gas pipeline alignment change and construction methods

The gas pipeline would now run next to the Stony Point railway line instead of along Frankston-Flinders Road after a change to the proposed alignment in Hastings. This revised alignment was pursued in response to community concerns about possible disruptions to local businesses during construction. The Project would look to minimise impacts to train services where possible. See the revised gas pipeline map here. Two construction methods are being considered for approximately 56km of gas pi ...
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Re: Westernport Bay- Ramsar listed site of international importance

Hi KerryRainer, There are a number of impacts to the Western Port Ramsar wetlands as a result of the project. We are currently investigating mitigation options in order to either avoid, reduce or manage impacts appropriately. For example, the pipeline works intercepts with two areas of inland Ramsar wetlands (Warringine Park and Watson Creek). In order to avoid impacts to this sensitive environment, we are proposing to use a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique to lay the pipeline ...
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