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Re: Why we’re phasing out the old version of the AGL app

Hi Rylo, Thanks for the feedback. We understand how important this feature is for customers to access their solar data, this work is currently in flight and should be available towards the end of April. Keep an eye out here on Community for when updates are released. Cheers, Chris
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cholmes AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Payment history - Status changed to: Good Idea, Vote!

Hey @Cat_rogers, thanks for your feedback. This is a great idea and is now available in My Account. I will move this over to let other customers vote on this feature.
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cholmes AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Hate this new app .lve never been able to get in,it says it's catching up!Bad for a big Company.

Hey 14cats14cats, I have sent you a DM to get a bit more info on your issue. Chris
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