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Re: Yaringa Marine Park

Hi @RobH1 We are not expecting you to trust us and we recognise the community can’t simply take our word that environmental risks will be well managed. The purpose of the EES process is to independently assess if these risks can be addressed before the project is approved by the Victorian Government and many other regulators. In addition to the EES, AGL (and APA) will be subject to oversight by numerous regulators and government agencies, including: Environment Protection Authority Vict ...
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Re: Discharge ports, meters per second, cubic meters per second.

Hi @RussellJoseph Thanks for your suggestion. We have received similar ideas from other community members. Based on publicly available information from South East Water, it looks as though the daily volume from the Somers Treatment Plant is significantly less than what is required for our project operating in either open or closed loop modes. We are contacting South East Water to investigate further and will update you next week.
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Re: Mangroves

@MrMauricio We are aware there is significant community concern around the potential impact our project will have on seagrasses and mangroves and acknowledge these are of environmental significance. The combination of the mangroves, seagrass and wildlife in Western Port make it a very valuable marine ecosystem both in Australia and internationally. Western Port is an important environmental asset that must be cared for. As part of this project, AGL will not be removing mangroves. One of the ...
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Re: Not Welcome

Hi @JoLane Australia is a major exporter of natural gas; however, most of this gas is not available to the south-eastern states. It has been a difficult realisation for many that the abundant gas supplies Victoria once enjoyed are in decline. Declining production from Bass Strait’s big legacy fields has meant Victoria needs to seriously consider and prepare for alternative sources of supply. Even if the supply of gas from unconventional fields in Queensland was available to the pipeline conne ...
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