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Re: battery storage and 3 phase power

House using 3 phase AC (some things wired to one phase, some things wired to all three active legs/lines), grid supplying 3 phase AC (440 V domestic), PV panels producing DC current, a battery system that stores DC, and then you need some smarts.Approach A: three sets of PV panels each with their own inverter (DC to single phase AC) so that the synchronising between the phases is done by the gridApproach B: one set of PV panels with an expensive inverter (DC to 3 phase AC)Approach C: one set of ...
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Re: New Meter

Question 1:How do we contact Active Stream?White Pages has no entry for them. Yellow Pages has no entry for them.Their LinkedIn entry points to a website www.activestream.com.au which doesn't work (the URL doesn't work - just produces an error message in browser)Can't find a contct for them in sites belonging to AGL (who used to own them), Ausgrid (who currently own them), Macquarie Group (who own the meters and thus are tied up with them is some way)How do you contact Active Stream? Question 2 ...
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Re: AGL quietly walks away from $1 per day EV plan

November 2018 response said AGL were bringing out a new plan to support EV charging.2019-03 question - what is it?
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Re: Adding to existing solar panels

I have read and re-read the following* Energex webpage https://www.energex.com.au/home/our-services/connections/business/connect-solar/queensland-government-solar-bonus-scheme* Qld DNRM document on Solar Bonus Scheme https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/1379678/solar-bonus-scheme.pdf* Qld government webpage https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/energy-water-home/solar/feed-in-tariffs/solar-bonus-scheme-44cand they all say:* keep the same solar panels OR ensure yo ...
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