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Re: Extremely high gas bill

Update:Called them on Friday to see how the “investigation” was going as I hadn’t been called back and found out there was no investigation and they never intended on looking into it for me. Really good stuff. P.s. you’re not getting my money and the Ombudsman can deal with you now.
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Szads Switched-on

Extremely high gas bill

Got my first gas bill after 42 days in a rental. Apparently my partner and I who work 40 hour weeks and eat muscle meals purchased frozen and reheated in a microwave, and have not even touched the heater yet as, have managed to use $1007 worth of gas!accprong to the representatives this makes perfect sense. Sent in my meter reading at 1086 48 hours ago and now my meter is at 1087. So 0001 change in 48 hours and yet somehow we used 1144 in 42 days!! Also, apparently the original meter read was at ...
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