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$50 of Solar Credit Withheld

Hi,I'd like to know why as of two bills ago, AGL are now withholding $50 of my solar credit into the new billing cycle? Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
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Re: $50 of Solar Credit Withheld

Hi Jayden, Apologies my mistake, looking more closely the $50CR was brought forward two bills ago as "Qld Govt Asset Owner Dividend". The solar credit amount is correct. Thanks,Steve.
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Re: Online account usage doesn't show solar

Hi, We had a smartmeter installed last week. I followed your instructions but my solar feed-in stats are nowhere to be seen. Does this feature need to be activated?Under "My usage charges" it says "Unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage charges data. Please try again later. (ZIEIQ001 - 014)"Under "Bill analysis" it says "Unfortunately, we don't have enough information to calculate your Bill Analysis. Please try again later". Thanks.
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Re: Online account usage doesn't show solar

Pffttt....good luck getting a resolution. I stopped wasting my time a year ago with these n00bs. All talk no action.
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