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Re: water in gas pipes

Hi, Thanks for reply. A tech called and inspected the gas meter and it appeared the regulator was faulty.This may have been the problem but i will not make that determination until we have a further rain event and see what happens with the hot water unit.Still do not understand the connection between the two, rain and gas supply. It is worth mentioning the gas heater and hot plates worked fine throughout this current situation. Stay tuned...
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water in gas pipes

Hi. We have an external instantaneous rinnai infinity 26 gas hot water. Towns mains gas with AGL. Despite this unit completely protected from weather it stops operating when it rains. Other times the unit is fine. The unit is mounted on a brick wall and there is no rainwater accessing the unit at all. It has been suggested to get the meter checked thoroughly as there may be water entering the meter or system somehow. How can this be arranged. Very frustrating
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