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Re: Solar meter installation date

KayDavy go to you state's Ombudsman. https://www.aer.gov.au/consumers/useful-contacts-for-customers I very strongly suspect that they will do nothing until you do so and also that urgent is in really chucking you in a black hole so they don't have to make an appointment. Both tactics perhaps purposefully employed to delay the installation and thus reap more.
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Re: Solar meter installation date

Hi TNguyen01, I submitted a request for meter change on 15/11/2018. I believe from your explanation that the Solar Connections team have (as they did me) placed you on the Urgent(sic) list. Which considering our experiences is more than likely a forget it list. After hearing nothing in regard to the original request, other than an email that was addressed to Hi team, asking for REC details and phase numbers (noting that the original email requesting the change was entitled Request for 3-phase bi ...
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Re: Typical Solar production vs usage pattern

Chris24 said - 25/1 graph states solar generation 23.98. My reading 30kw At a guess your solar system produced 30kWh but of that 6kwH was used consumed by you so the net meter registers the 23kW that was exported (generated - used). On 26/1 your usage was greater (perhaps because your weekend usage is greater) My system's overview reports the following (for 25/1) :- 49.8 kilowatt-hours produced (not seen/known by AGL)Approximately 27 kWh exported to grid (what AGL get to see) 37.8 kilowatt-ho ...
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Re: Installation of net meter for new/returning customer

Ok it appears that the issue is resolved, after phoning the Solar Connections. As suspected the Hi Team did really mean Hi Customer (suggest that the ambiguity of using Hi team instead of Hi Customer (or something that definitely indicates that it is the customer being addressed) is not used.) As it turns out the REC was the details of the installer (Electrician) (which was on the Certificate of Compliance - Electrical Work (CEC)) although the phone number wasn't (which is what was wanted) altho ...
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