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THL AGL Moderator
19-11-2018 11:36 PM

Re: Solar Feed-in Tariff not shown on bill

Hi Danielc, Thanks for the update! Please let us know if you need any further information moving forward. Regards, Le
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THL AGL Moderator
19-11-2018 06:57 PM

No good app

I beleive who ever made the decision to change the app should be sacked. Due: Less data, Not easy to read, Less functions
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THL AGL Moderator
19-11-2018 06:55 PM

Why change a good app?

New app is crap. Why do you feel the need to change. All we want to know is usage and bill. No matter how you do it thats all we want...changing it does not help. So no i hate it
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THL AGL Moderator
19-11-2018 06:39 PM

Fix the app

Please fix the latest update to show usage in kWh and also solar import and export which is what most people want to be able to see. Your latest update seems to be a massive step backwards and is only generating negative reviews. Surely your team would have some common sense to fix this asap..?
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