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Re: Split System Solar Air Conditioners

Hi Gerald, Thank you for taking the time to share this great feedback. We look forward to hearing any other exciting news from both you and other community members moving forward. Kind regards, Le
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Re: I want to know how do I disconnect my gas and electricity

Hi Youwen, Thank you for reaching out to us with your enquiry. If you're moving and need to close your electricity and gas accounts, you can do all this online! Please find all the information you need here. Kind regards, Le
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Re: Special meter read fee and Meter test reconfigure ???

Hi Manni, Thank you for contacting us and providing your feedback! I'm sorry to hear that you've been charged these fees and I can understand the concern with what these are related to. Special meter read fees are often charged when moving in or out of a property. These fees are for the initial start readings at a new property you're moving to and/or the final reading at the property you're moving out of. Meter test charges relates to works done for the meter such as any alterations or ...
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Re: Where is my electric billing discount?

Hi Daxuan, Thank you for your post! It's important to ensure that you are getting the best discounts. You can see what discount plan you're on via your AGL online account or you check in with us via webchat here with your account details so we can look into this further for you. Regards, Le
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