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AGL New Energy tech experts at Melbourne Home Show + 50% offer on tickets

AGL New Energy will be at Stand B19 at the HIA Melbourne Home Show. We’ll have products on display and experts on hand. We will also have members of the product development team making presentations and available to answer questions and listen to your ideas.. The best time to catch our techies will be around the time of the presentations at 11-1145 am and 3-315 pm on Thursday through Sunday (21-24 Apr) at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed). More information here: https://aglso ...
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Re: Most Economic Heaters for the Home

The most efficient type of heating (and cooling) is a reverse-cycle airconditioner. However, your choice will depend on what size room you are trying to heat and your life-style. The Australian government has quite a good guide to saving energy, including this section: Understand Heating and Cooling. Reverse-cycle is more efficienct because rather than trying to create the heat (or cooling) it is concentrating and "pumping" it from the outside. So they can be three or four times more eff ...
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Come and see our battery experts at Brisbane RNA Showgrounds / Sustainable Experience Expo

Hi everyone, If you live in Queensland or are planning to attend the SEE Sustainable Experience Expo, next week (June 18th-20th) – please come along and meet AGL's Chief Technology Officer Paul Fox and Ed Lynch-Bell one of our energy storage experts; who will both be available to talk about AGL’s energy storage solutions and our plans for other connected devices in homes and businesses. Also, Ed will be presenting a 45 minute seminar on Saturday 20th titled: ‘Integrated storage in the connecte ...
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Re: (7.30 REPORT): AskNewEnergy - Energy Storage Solutions (8.00pm - 8.30pm EST)

@James wrote: Will AGL be able to control what the battery does (e.g. when it charges, discharges etc) or is it entirely in my control? Hey @James, just noticed that we did not directly answer your question. So here goes, excuse the long post. Our objective is to give you control over your own energy, but we have to ensure safety and warranty requirements. Safety first: Batteries are complex devices and they can store a lot of energy when full, so at the lowest level of the Battery Manage ...
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